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Who am I Becoming?

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

This particular verse in the letter to the Galatian church has always stretched my mind.

My old self has been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me. So I live in this earthly body by trusting in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.” Galatians 2:20 NLT.

The idea that some divine person would come and die to Himself and embrace me fully was extraordinary. In the loving and giving of Himself I start on a crazy adventure of becoming more like Him. I am designed at each point, to stretch and be infused with the DNA of Jesus, whatever struggles, frustrations, pain and curve balls that life throws at me, After each experience, whether exhilarating or tragic, people start to see Him more clearly in me. It wasn’t just about what was happening to me but even more importantly about who I was becoming. I had a part to play in it, I had a choice.

I am someone who likes to get to their destination without delay. I recently flew to Turkey and had a connecting flight in Istanbul. Sitting on a plane for three hours at Stansted did nothing to alleviate my anxiety and frustration for where I needed to be! I was being held up and I did not like it. Half way through the flight I found myself abruptly speaking to an air steward who in no way could be held responsible for this delay. The answer he gave me really checked with my spirit, ‘there will be a solution to your problem at the airport, even if you miss your connecting flight. Relax and enjoy the journey.’ Relax and enjoy?!!! Easy to say that when you have people waiting the other side! A few moments later it dawned on me that this journey was outworking before me in a way that I hadn’t planned but my reaction to it was making things far worse. Who I was becoming the process was not pretty!

I think, in all honesty, that this is how we live our lives. We are so focused on outcomes and objectives that we totally miss the process in between. Who I am becoming as I walk through life is as important as reaching my destination correctly. There are so many twist and turns. When we started Hub, Woodford a few years back I can recall Jesus telling us that He would show us what He was doing on the streets if we looked out for Him. That excited me!

As you can predict it didn’t go as we had planned. On one occasion we had just finished doing a creative outreach project with some children from the local estate. I got to my car to find it was clamped. Seriously, after doing good works for the Lord, I get clamped!!! As I surveyed the car a giant of a man appeared and told me he was a debt collector. He had come to take the car away because we had not paid a fine from a few years back. Note to self – always inform the DLA when you move, it causes less problems! I was angry when told it would cost £500 to unclamp my vehicle and I expressed it. I needed to get home – we were moving the following week and didn’t have lots of money to spare. As I reached a high level of annoyance the debt collector started to open up about the sudden death of his sister. At that point Jesus said, ‘this is what I am doing, pray for him, now!’ I didn’t think I would be asked to pray while I was angry. The man I was arguing with seriously wanted prayer, so we stretched out our hands and prayed for him. Holy Spirit fell on this man and he dropped to his knees and sobbed. It was so humbling. After that experience I realised that God was forming us in it all. I would never have seen him in it all and I wasn’t looking for Him either. Wherever we find ourselves, the Father is always at work, encountering others and transforming us in the process.

My encouragement for you this week is to think about who you are becoming.

"Take a deep breath and submit to Jesus, let Him walk you through the valley of the shadow of death as well as by the mountain top. In all things we are making choices to become more like Him or choices that move slowly away from what He intends us to be."

What are you becoming? In all things I am blessed that God Himself looked at me and said – in all the dirt and clay I will encounter and mould you into my image. It is in the darkest and most unexpected moments that we make the greatest advancements.

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