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Updated: Oct 30, 2019


My life is full of diversity and complexity, I wear a number of different hats and interact with numerous groups of people.

I am constantly heading toward different destinations, over the last year I spent over 120 hours in the air flying to different places. Recently as a blizzard hit Prague airport I spent time with a delayed flight thinking about life. It became clear to me in a moment - I can often see where I am going but am not sure the journey to get there is worth it. I wonder if anyone else feels this way?

Some people think my travels are crazy, exciting and full of adventure, what they don’t see is the process you go through every time you travel. Getting up really early, ensuring that you have everything with you from passports to currency. Late taxi’s, running to check in, getting through security and breathing as you can see the departure gate. It isn’t always that smooth when transferring flights - running through airports and hoping for the best. Even then you have to navigate the flight. I love flying but not everyone is on that page, it can be traumatic. Taking off, the bumps of turbulence, strapped in with your seatbelt, sitting in a confined space, landing and being grateful you got to the destination.

As mentioned, delays are so much fun, consciously planning your arrival when your airline say otherwise. Redirected flights - you are on a flight to London but it is diverted to Manchester, something not expected!

Ever suffer with delays in your life? Visions, hopes, dreams that haven’t yet come to anything? Does that journey sound like life? Things haven’t always turned out the way I hoped - the destinations I have arrived at were not what I had planned. Even the road I am travelling now keeps changing, I suppose I am learning that it is as much about who I become as where I am going. 

In Jeremiah 29:11 it says that God has good plans for us - this was to a group of people who were taken from their own country to a strange city. How could that be? How can there be hope in the middle of a people who have been trafficked from their home to a foreign place? Life produces more questions and mystery than answers. I feel committed to the places that God is calling me to, I can see the destination but I often doubt whether the process is worth it. I am a jar of clay that is broken but not destroyed, pressed on every side but not defeated. I am becoming more than I could imagine while finding that Jesus is waiting for me in the mess and pain of life.

A vision of what I can see is vital but the process and who I become sits right alongside it. I’m looking for those asking these questions and wondering whether you would walk this journey alongside me?


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